Collage of Vertical Chess Boards

The Vertical Chess Board; Playable Artwork…

Vertical Chess Board on Hallway Wall

Chess The Game is an innovative company born out of the idea that we could possibly revitalise chess and challenge how and where it is conventionally played. Working with a Master carpenter we have developed a Wooden Vertical Chess Board that would not only bring Chess back to the living room but also allow the displaying of prized chess pieces without consuming a table-top.

The 3 Dimensional Vertical Chess Board is perfect for today’s hectic life style. The checkered tiles are the back-drop to the elegantly framed board, thin acrylic shelves help to create the illusion of floating chess pieces. The Vertical Chess Board is not only aesthetically pleasing but it also brings the fun and wow factor back to the classic game.

Ideal for presenting your prized Staunton Chess Pieces, the Vertical Chess Board also allows for long running games when opponents may not have the time to complete a game within one sitting. A “last move” indicator is also supplied to help identify whose turn it is to play. The Vertical Chess Board is ideal for offices, living rooms, coffee shops, hotel lobbies, local pubs, and waiting areas.

  • Chess The Game Exhibit at The UK Games Expo

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    UK Games ExpoChess The Game don their boards and head for the UK Games Expo at the NEC Hilton metropole.

    2013 Tata Steel Chess Tournament

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    The 2013 Tata Steel Chess tournament took place from 12-27 January in Wijk aan Zee in the Netherlands.

    Magnus Carlsen won the A Group competition with a fantastic score of 10/13, equalling Garry Kasparov’s record score in the 1999 competition.

    The tournament was a resounding success and we look forward to more great chess in Wijk aan Zee in 2014!